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Law Office of Shannon James PLLC

We provide Personal, Responsive, and Focused legal services to service members & veterans with a unique concentration on the needs of the Commissioned Corps Officers in the Public Health Service. Our legal services for Commissioned Corps members and their families include:

COER Rebuttals and Appeals

An evaluation can make or break a career. It is important to know your rights and respond swiftly when issues with an evaluation arise.  The Law Office of Shannon James understands the complaint process and will be an aggressive advocate for you to protect your hard-earned career.

EEO Complaints

The Law Office of Shannon James will help you navigate the EEO Complaint process (Equal Employment Opportunity).  You need to ensure every issue in the workplace is properly addressed.  The EEO complaint process looks great on paper, but it can stumble in execution.  You need a strong legal partner to keep the process moving in the right direction. The Law Office of Shannon James has the experience to anticipate process bottlenecks before they happen. We will be tireless advocates for you.

The Complaint and Redress Process

The Complaint and Redress Process gives officers the ability to have unfair actions reviewed through the chain of command. The Complaint and Redress Process is an important necessary first step in seeking relief and one that should not be taken lightly.

Allegations of AWOL

Teleworking, deployments, and other remote work locations can lead to misunderstandings and unfair allegations of AWOL (Absence Without Leave). It is important to understand what AWOL is and what it is not. The Law Office of Shannon James understands the seriousness of the charge and how in today’s environment it can be used indiscriminately.

Letters of Counseling (LOC) / Letters of Reprimand (LOR)

Letters of Counseling (LOC) are usually the first step toward a more permanent adverse action. It can be valuable for an agency to know you are represented by counsel. It is important to fight the LOC before further and more damaging action can be taken against you.

The Medical Board Process

A MRB is the formal process that provides the officer with a full and fair hearing in accordance with the guidelines provided in the Commissioned Corps Issuance System.  The Law Office of Shannon James will help you navigate this very important evaluation board.  Your career and retirement will be determined by the board’s results. 

Fitness for Duty

Whether you are seeking to retire or stay in, knowing how to navigate the process is essential.


The readiness systems throughout the Services are in constant change.  Staying on top of the changes can be difficult and, in many cases, the foundation of the issue is poor communication regarding the requirement.  The Law Office of Shannon James knows the unique nuances associated with readiness issues and understands how to get you a fair defense in accordance with regulations.  This is a very serious allegation that should not be defended alone. The Law Office of Shannon James exists to advocate for you.

Education and Civilian Career Credit and Retirement

Missing training, civil service, or education credit can shave years off your retirement credit and affect your pay.  The Law Office of Shannon James understands how to help you get the credit you deserve.  Many times, even though it might appear to be a simple clerical error, other underlying issues may need to be addressed before you get the credit you deserve. Our office can help you properly address these issues. Knowing how to go about this is paramount.

Article 138s and Article 1150s

Did you know Public Health Service Corps members detailed to another service may be subject to the UCMJ? Even if the issue is an adverse COER, policy states that officers use the redress process specific to that service. No matter where you are detailed, we can help.

Correction of Records through the Public Health Service Board for Correction (PHS BFC)

Service Boards for Corrections are tasked with correcting a record when it has determined it is necessary to correct an error or injustice. Our experience has shown it is paramount to get a well-written and accurate application to the Board quickly.  Board decisions can take up to 24 months after the submission of an application. The Law Office of Shannon James will waste no time drafting a comprehensive application to help the Board quickly understand the issue and provide the support needed for a correction.  Remember one of this office’s key tenants is Responsiveness.  Our office can’t emphasize how important this is for any Board of Correction, no matter the service.

Military Whistleblower Complaints

It is very important that Commissioned Corps officers understand that it is also forbidden to take, threaten to take, or refrain from taking personnel action as retaliation. Under the Military Whistleblower Protections Act, complaints must be filed timely.


Getting the proper credit for retirement could be worth thousands of dollars during your lifetime. Transitioning into retirement can be hectic, but don’t let it get in the way of what you have earned.