Correction of Records through PHS BFC

Law Office of Shannon James PLLC

Correction of Records through the Public Health Service Board for Correction (PHS BFC)

Service Boards for Corrections are tasked with correcting a record when it has determined it is necessary to correct an error or injustice. Our experience has shown it is paramount to get a well-written and accurate application to the Board quickly.  Board decisions can take up to 24 months after the submission of an application.

It is a requirement that officers first exhaust their administrative remedies, i.e. file a Complaint and Request for Redress or an EEO Complaint.

The Law Office of Shannon James will waste no time drafting a comprehensive application to help the Board quickly understand the issue and provide supporting materials.  Remember one of this office’s key tenants is Responsiveness and applications for correction should be submitted as soon as possible.  Our office can’t emphasize how important this is for any Board of Correction, no matter the service.

We have the experience to yield favorable results.