Letters of Counseling (LOC) / Letters of Reprimand (LOR)

Law Office of Shannon James PLLC

A Letter of Counseling (LOC) is a formal warning intended to document actions that attempt to correct the officer’s behavior or conduct. A LOC shall be issued in writing but shall not become part of the officer’s Official Personnel Folder (e-OPF).  LOCs are usually the first step toward a more permanent adverse action such as a Letter of Reprimand (LOR) which becomes a part of your e-OPF and can prevent promotion, Health Professions Special Pays (HPSP), and even end your Commissioned Corps career. 

It is important to fight the LOC before further and more damaging action can be taken against you.

Letters of Reprimand (LOR) go directly into your eOPF and have major implications for your career and ability to continue serving. The short-term and long-term effects cannot be overstated which is why you need to know how to fight it and where to turn to for help.

Officers generally have a right to file a rebuttal, however, that is not the process to use for the removal of a LOR.  Officers must use another remedy such as the Complaint and Redress Process or an EEO Complaint depending on your circumstances. Knowing how and when to file is very important. 

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