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We understand the complexities associated with legal issues of service members and their families.

Represented a Lieutenant Commander

Represented a Lieutenant Commander in the Public Health Service receive a medical retirement after 7 years of service rather than having to face a Review Board for possible elimination.

Constructive Service Credit for Officer

Helped an officer receive years of constructive service credit promised for prior civil service time which was denied a mere two weeks before the officer’s planned retirement.

Education Credit for Officer

Helped an officer receive education credit which is now being applied to the officer’s retirement pay multiplier.

Correction of Record

Successfully removed a military client from a lifetime sexual assault registry, helped an E-7 to retain his Navy Enlisted Classification, and helped an Ensign to permanently remove an adverse FITREP from his record, and get retroactive promotions with backpay.

Records corrected for an unfair LOR – All benefits restored!

Helped a client who unfairly received a Letter of Reprimand (LOR) for lack of readiness get all relief requested by the PHS Board for Corrections (BFC).  This issue may be a precedent for many other egregious PHS decisions regarding the readiness notification process not being followed by Commissioned Corps Headquarters (CCHQ).