EEO Complaints

Law Office of Shannon James PLLC

The Law Office of Shannon James will help you navigate the EEO Complaint process (Equal Employment Opportunity).  The Secretary, Health and Human Services, mandated that all members of the Public Health Service (PHS) Commissioned Corps are afforded equal opportunity when considered for appointment, career development, promotion, assignments, relocation, assimilation, retention, and separation pursuant to INSTRUCTION 6, Subchapter 26.1, “Equal Opportunity: Discrimination Complaints Processing,” of the Commissioned Corps Personnel Manual (PDF, 37kb).

Unfortunately, there are many instances when this regulation is not followed and an EEO complaint is required.  Commission Corps officers are not covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 therefore the EEO complaint is your avenue for recourse.  Violations of this policy must be brought to the attention of the appropriate manager, administrator, or EEO Officer. The equal opportunity complaint procedure is designed to correct inequities in a manner consistent with Commissioned Corps policies and procedures. To this end, officers filing complaints must identify the desired outcome.

The EEO complaint process looks great on paper, but it can stumble in execution.  EEO complaints need to be timely and ensure every issue in the workplace is properly addressed. 

It is highly encouraged to do this under the guidance of someone with experience.  A formal complaint is started by submitting a complaint to the EEO Officer. The complaint must include among other things a statement of the issues, the basis of the discrimination, and the remedy that an officer is seeking. Unfortunately, this process can take months. Whatever choice is made to resolve the EEO complaint it is paramount your rights are protected.