Military Whistleblower Complaints

Law Office of Shannon James PLLC

U.S. Commissioned Corps officers are protected by the Military Whistleblower Protections Act (MWPA). The Military Whistleblower Protections Act protects service members who make a “protected communication” regarding a violation of law or regulation. The superiors of these service members are prohibited from retaliating against them.

It is very important that Commissioned Corps officers understand that it is also forbidden to take, threaten, or refrain from taking a personnel action as retaliation. Anyone subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) who violates military whistleblower protection can be prosecuted by court-martial with a maximum punishment that includes a bad conduct discharge, dishonorable discharge, three years confinement, or total forfeiture of pay and allowances.

If you feel your protections from this Act have been violated it is very important that you act quickly. Under the Military Whistleblower Protections Act, complaints must be filed timely. The Law Office of Shannon James is ready to help.